Never turn off the Safety

It is never to early to start familiarize yourself with your shotgun. Shooting throughout the year and into the summer months will only help you on those cold, and wet November and December mornings when the ducks come poring in! First lesson of shotgun, and gun hunting safety in general that was taught to my brothers and I long ago was to always treat a gun as if it were loaded. Guns are a tool designed to do one thing, we should treat them as such. Acting as if a gun is always loaded whether it is or is not can keep you and those hunting with you safe, and always out from in front of the business end of your gun! Duck Hunting, or goose hunting is a lot of fun, but we all want to walk away at the end of the day. A good way to guarantee your safety and others is by keeping your safety button on at all times unless you are in the process of shooting birds. the Safety button is a last defense in case you mishandle your gun, or it falls over in a duck blind! Safety first, then HUNT!!

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